We BELIEVE that...

Good design creates VALUE, and that is why we do it.

It must be DIFFERENT, because originality can only arise from being true to our beliefs whereas trying to be better is to follow the common standard.

It must be beautiful because BEAUTY is a reason for being that requires no explanation.

It must instill DELIGHT and awaken our senses with surprise.

We must INNOVATE to improve status quo.

We must REINVENT ourselves with every project, evolving and learning something new about how we design with every new set of circumstances.

We consult our INTUITION by sensing what the project really wants to be based on our understanding of where, who and why it is meant to be, and allow our design to emerge over time.

We have a moral, social and cultural responsibility as designers to provide MEANINGFUL ways of relating to one another and to our environment, fostering a harmonious way of life.

We ENJOY the act of creative design, and we create so others can ENJOY.