STUDIO TWIST has been awarded the Grand Prize for 2014 Radical Innovation Award


This year’s RADICAL INNOVATION AWARD received nearly 100 entries from 28 countries, and the “Green Air Hotel” concept designed by Studio Twist was shortlisted as a finalist. We presented the “Green Air Hotel” concept to an esteemed panel of hospitality design and business leaders at the HOSPITALITY DESIGN EXPO in Las Vegas on May 15 2014, and we were voted the Grand Prize winner by the audience.


The “Green Air Hotel” is a new innovative hotel concept that addresses the double crisis of air pollution and many hotels-in-need of revamp in China. Drawing from scientific research by NASA and other scientists, the Green Air Hotel is a hotel that grows fresh air, by inserting natural 'green lungs' to existing hotels to perform as natural air filters, removing harmful toxins and replenishing the indoor environment with clean air. Not only will many existing hotels benefit from an upgrading and branding, this is the first generation of hotels that utilizes plants deliberately and extensively to improve air quality, while beautifying the environment. In whole, this realizes a sustainable symbiotic concept that results in a natural and rejuvenating hotel experience.


Radical Innovation Award Website:





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